Toy Fair ’17: The Loyal Subjects Booth Tour

Last weekend at Toy Fair, I had the chance to swing by and visit with The Loyal Subjects (TLS), who are doing some amazing work with their Action Vinyls. On display in their booth were a lot of their current lines, as well as both variants of said lines and new lines forthcoming.

Before we take a look at pictures, you will notice multiple variations of the same character in a few of the lines. That is intentional. TLS has recently taken an interesting approach to their lines. For example, with Masters of the Universe. In addition to a regular release of the figures, certain partner retailers (Walmart, Target, etc) are getting “one run and done” variant editions of the characters which as exclusive to them. What makes that both frustrating and exciting for collectors? Each variant set has their own chases, as well as shared Gold chase pieces (one per variant run) and Club 28 pieces (28 pieces of a single variant made). While there are pros and cons to this type of marketing, it has proven to be effective, and with them limiting the run and not doing a second printing of these figures, makes the figures more collectible.

Masters of the Universe

Street Fighter


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

My Little Pony


G.I. Joe


How to Train Your Dragon


Mega Man (Pending Approval)


Attack on Titan

(Sorry, not all of the pictures came out.)


In addition to all of the booth pics above, they did have protos out for two upcoming lines, but I was asked to not shoot them for the site (a problem they were having all weekend with people who either didn’t ask/ care… if you go searching on the internet for the images you can, easily). In any case, right now work is being done to bring Aliens and Thundercats to the TLS family.


Overall, I am very impressed how far TLS has come in the past few years. I remember visiting with them when their first line of MMPR figures were just coming back as 3D renderings to Toy Fair, not even painted. To see the licenses they have been able to bring into their roster, and the care and quality they treat their unique take on collectible action figures… I see 2017 as being another great year for them.

Will you be collecting any of the TLS lines this year? What are you most excited about? Let us know below.