Toy Fair ’17: Look at Upcoming Vinyls from Titan Merchandise!

While at Toy Fair this past weekend, I swung by and said hello to the gang from Titan Merchandise. Hopes were that they had new information to share about their upcoming Game of Thrones set of Titans. Since they are still trying to get approval for actor likenesses, and that HBO currently had their Drogon and White Walkers protos, there was nothing to be shared with me. Instead, here is a picture that Titan shared back during their London Toy Fair.

Now, what Titan did have at their booth was a look at a few of the upcoming Titan lines. First up is the Cartoon Network: The Cartoon! Cartoon Collection. This second wave of Titans from the CN lineup features fourteen regular release characters, and two chase characters.

Next up is The Beatles Yellow Submarine: The “All Together Now” Collection. Also the second set in its’ respective series, this expands upon the universe created in The Beatles Yellow Submarine cartoon.

(NOTE: Also in the background of the pictures is a partial look at the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V Titans.)

Interested in pre-ordering anything you see here? You can with our friends over at Entertainment Earth!

Can’t wait to see what else Titan Merchandise has in store for us in 2017.