Flashback Friday: The MCU’s God of Thunder

Welcome to Flashback Friday: The MCU. In this series you’ll get a review and discussion on some of your favorite Pops and Dorbz from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We really appreciate the shared universe so the figures will come from film, television, and streaming. Look no further than the God of Thunder for today’s discussion.

Thor: The Dark World is the second Thor film and the third to feature the God of Thunder. Both Thor pop sets have been underwhelming in regards to variety. The pop set for the first Thor film only had two pops. This pop set has only six with three characters. They are Thor, Loki, and a Dark Elf. Today’s flashback pop is my personal favorite from the set and it’s undoubtedly one of the coolest looking Thor pops that have been released thus far.

God of Thunder

The best part of this pop is his helmet. The helmet is a darker silver color with various shapes and curves unfolding throughout. The sides of the helmet wrap around his cheeks to offer extra protection from enemies. The wings of the helmet look fantastic. They are shaped properly and really add to the look and design. This rendition of the helmet is so much better than the version I reviewed last year. The eyes are painted black and the facial hair is blondish color. You can even see his hair protruding from the back of the helmet. I have absolutely no issues with head and helmet. It looks fantastic! Let’s move on to the upper and lower body.

The chest armor is a very dark gray, nearly black color. The armor on the arms are silver and the design looks like diamonds and triangles. The wrists have armor plates that are a bit lighter in color than his arms. There are a few blue spots of paint throughout the armor. One in the middle of the chest. There’s a blue line across the abdomen which looks like a strap that keeps the armor together. There is blue at the bottom center of the armor which hangs below the waist and just above the knee.

Moving onto the lower body, his pants are either black or a very dark gray. It looks like there is some design wrapped around his knees or they could be the top of his boots which are black. The lower half of his body accompanies the upper half extremely well.

What finishes off the God of Thunder quite nicely is his trademark red cape and his trusty hammer Mjölnir. Everything put together makes this Thor pop my personal all-time favorite. Funko is going to have to try really hard to top this piece.

Thor is numbered 38 in the Marvel collection of pops and was released in 2013. He is a Hot Topic exclusive and most versions of him in the original box will have a Hot Topic sticker in the lower right hand corner of the window display. Newer Hot Topic exclusives have a yellow sticker but I believe this one has a black sticker. Let’s check out some pricing for the God of Thunder.

God of Thunder

Because this pop is four years old and no longer available in stores the priced has jumped. Your best bet is to check eBay and Amazon for availability but be prepared to shell out some cash. If you’re lucky enough to find him under $50.00 you should definitely grab him. For the most part he hangs around $70.00-$100.00. If that sounds too expensive for you you’re not alone. By checking out our Facebook group at this link you may find him a little cheaper or you can perhaps work out a trade. Either way, you check out the group because it’s a great community.

What do you think about the God of Thunder? Do you like this pop as much as I do? Let us know in the comment section.

Check back next week for another MCU flashback. Excelsior!