Worst Movies. Best (Future?) Pops.

In this follow-up to “Worst Movies, Best Pops,” we’ll look at some horrendous movies that still would make for cool Pop lines. In many ways, this is a more difficult subject to handle because there are so many bad movies that picking just a few is almost injustice to their awfulness. In order to make this relatable, I’m going to try and steer clear of incredibly obscure movies and focus on ones that appeal (or not) to the masses.

Drum roll, please…

The worst movies that need Pops.


Troll 2

Oh my God!!!! This movie is the cream of the crop when it comes to delightful garbage. If you haven’t seen this, do yourself a favor and watch it at least once just so you can appreciate this monstrosity. And I dare you not to laugh. Despite its title, not a single troll appears in the movie and for that reason alone it should get a Pop line. The goblins that do appear are so terribly designed that Funko would probably have to work hard not to make them look too good. The creepy, popcorn loving lady, the boy turns into a plant, and the sister in her aerobics outfit are all dying to be Pops. I get hunger pains just thinking about how awesome Troll 2 Pops would be.

Batman and Robin

Holy nipple suit, Robin! If this many bad decisions made it all the way to the big screen, just imagine how many more were scratched behind closed doors. None of the cast is suited to be a superhero or supervillain, resulting in an even cornier Batman than even Adam West is used to. Then again, how cool would it be to be able to bring home your very own nipple suit Pop? Or even a Batgirl Pop with cone-shaped breasts. Speaking of cones, how about a Poison Ivy with cones on her head? Perhaps the very veiny Bane? With the inclusion of this Batman, Funko could add another to their seemingly unending variants of the Caped Crusader.

Masters of the Universe

Yes, there’s already a MOTU Pop television line. But you know what there’s not? A He-Man figure that’s as shiny as a new penny. In every scene, Dolph Lundgren looks like he’s just applied copious amounts of sunscreen to his pectorals and beyond. Amid the cheesy effects and flat dialogue, there are some Pop-worthy characters besides the shiny He-Man. Gwildor is one of the most outrageously awesome characters from 80’s cinema and would be a great addition to the Pop lineup. The MOTU movie also features some classic baddies that practically beg to be Popified. Finally, the gold-plated Skeletor from the end of the movie would be the crown jewel of many a collection.

There’s no doubt this could go on and on, but now I want to know what you think. What are some awful movies that could produce some good Pops?




  1. YES! Troll 2. They need to make more pops for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, there’s a not so good movie that could make some interesting POPS. Haley Berry’s Catwoman?

  2. I agree Batman and Robin was a bad movie yet I would still want those Pops!! I would like all the earlier live action batman movies to be represented in Pop form!

  3. These are not bad movies at least I don’t think so but here are a few suggestions. Willow, Interview with a vampire, Hercules (Disney), The Black Cauldron (Disney), Jeepers Creepers, Popples, Silverhawks, Rainbow Bright, Sleepy Hollow (Burton version and TV version), Clue the movie, V (tv show), Alf, Blade Runner, Avatar, Annabelle, Scream anthology (Sydney, Gale, and Dewey), Phantasm, Legend (Ridley Scott movie), The Muppet Babies, Care Bears and Cousins, Neverending Story, Lost Boys, Madonna (80’s-Now), The Thing, Underworld, Fright Night 1&2, and The Pink Panther (Peter Sellers). Here are just a few suggestions 😁! Thanks!

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