Flashback Friday: The MCU’s Ravagers

Welcome to Flashback Friday: The MCU. In this series you’ll get a review and discussion on some of your favorite Pops and Dorbz from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We really appreciate the shared universe so the figures will come from film, television, and streaming. Here come The Ravagers!

There’s a group of space pirates in the Marvel Cinematic Universe known as The Ravagers. They go from planet to planet plundering everything they can to turn a profit. This group of space pirates was first introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy. In the film, we learn that the leader of the Ravagers is a fellow named Yondu Udonta played by Michael Rooker. Yondu and the Ravagers are important because in the film they take in Peter Quill and they sort of become a family. Yondu has a very specific look from his head, skin color, and outfit. Let’s take a deeper look into the only Yondu Dorbz in existence until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 makes its way to cinemas worldwide.

Yondu is a blue skinned alien. His entire head and hands are painted a lighter shade of blue. There are two darker lines across his forehead which give him some definition. The eyes look squinted and the mouth is smiling. The top of his head has what looks like a Mohawk of some kind painted with an orange and red color. It looks to be made from some form of metal and really stands out. Under his mouth he has a darker blue goatee which is very similar to what he sports in the film.

Yondu (018) Dorbz

The Ravagers all wear a very similar type of uniform. Yondu’s jacket which looks a bit more like a trench coat is a brownish color. In the film, the uniforms are more of a maroon color. The trench coat is outlined with several pockets. The upper right side of the coat has a few yellow colored shapes. They look to be some sort of badges or medals. The shirt beneath the jacket is a striped white and black collared shirt with two black straps stretching across the chest and stomach. He’s wearing a brown belt with a yellow or gold belt buckle. The pants are a darker gray color and the boots are black.

I think the design is fairly solid overall. The face and head look good except the goatee should’ve been a bit lighter in color. In the film, it’s difficult to see the goatee sometimes because it’s very similar to his skin color. I would’ve also liked to see a more metallic type paint color for his Mohawk. I’m not a big fan of the trench coat color. Funko can definitely improve in that regard for the second set of Guardians. The shirt and pants look just okay. It’s a decent piece but not my favorite from the set.

Trust me when I say it’s pretty darn easy to get your hands on Guardians of the Galaxy Dorbz. I’m not sure if the marketplace was oversaturated with these Dorbz or they just weren’t selling well but you can pick them up for super cheap. Hot Topic ran a few sales last year where all of the Guardians Dorbz were $5.00 each. Just this past week GameStop was doing a clearance sale and all of the Guardians Dorbz they had were $0.97 plus tax. You can’t beat that kind of deal. Anyways, Yondu is currently valued at right around the $5.00 mark. If you’re having trouble finding him at Hot Topic or GameStop you should check out our Facebook Group which can be found here for all of your collection needs.

Are you a fan of Yondu? Are you hyped to see him join the Guardians in the next film? Sound off in the comments section below.

Check back next week for another MCU flashback. Excelsior!