Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice vs. Suicide Squad

Are you a DC fan? If so, bring your thoughts to the comments section because we need a lively debate and I’m generally curious as to what you all think when it comes to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice vs. Suicide Squad.

DC Films released in 2016:

  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Suicide Squad

Batman from Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Pops (19):
Aquaman, Aquaman (Ocean), Aquaman (Patina), Batman & Superman (2-Pack) (SDCC 2015) (First to Market), Batman & Superman (2-Pack) (Metallic), Batman & Superman (2-Pack) (Glow in the Dark), Batman, Batman (Armored) (LOC), Batman (Knightmare), Doomsday (SDCC 2016), Superman, Superman (False God) (SDCC 2016), Superman Soldier, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman (Patina), Wonder Woman (Sepia). These are all of the pops in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice set. Take a look at some of the images. Next, let’s check out a few from Suicide Squad.

Wonder Woman from Batman V SupermanSuperman from Batman V Superman

Suicide Squad Pops (21):
Batman (Underwater), Boomerang, Deadshot, Deadshot (Masked), Diablo, Dr. Harleen, Enchantress (LOC), Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn (Gown), Harley Quinn (Inmate), Joker, Joker (Boxer), Joker (Grenade Damage), Joker (Suit), Joker (Tuxedo) , Joker & Harley Quinn (2-Pack) (Metallic), Katana, Killer Croc, Killer Croc (Glow in the Dark), Killer Croc (Hooded), Rick Flag. These are all of the pops from the Suicide Squad Set. You can see a few of the images below.

The JokerHarley Quinn

Suicide Squad beat out Batman V Superman by just two pops. The major difference is that the Dawn of Justice set only includes six different characters. Aquaman wasn’t even really in the movie. He was only seen on a computer screen for a few seconds. Of note, there was no Lois Lane or Lex Luthor pops. The Suicide Squad set included ten different characters with eleven variants of those characters. Even with that many characters they could’ve added Amanda Waller which is nowhere to be seen. You can find images for the rest of the pops at this link.

Deadshot Unmasked

At the Box Office Batman V Superman reigned supreme. It out grossed Suicide Squad by over $100 million worldwide but only managed less than a $10 million lead in North America. With the large difference in opening weekend sales it’s clear that Batman V Superman was more frontloaded while Suicide Squad had much longer legs during the end of the summer.

The critical response was equally as terrible for both films as Batman V Superman received a 27% from Rotten Tomatoes while Suicide Squad was at a 26%. Audiences were a bit more forgiving with Dawn of Justice earning a 64% while Suicide Squad received a 63%.

With the information presented above I leave you with a few questions. What is your favorite film? What is your favorite set? What’s your favorite piece?


  1. DC made more money marketing the crap out of the Funko action figures than focusing on the quality of the movie. I bet if the movie came out before the Pops that the Pops would’ve done horribly bad in sales. Both movies I give a C- and that’s with the extended editions).

    Funko should just focus on making Funko Pops for the DC Animated Movies.

  2. For BvS they should have made a Flash and Cyborg if they were making Aquaman. I’m ok without Lex or Lois. The 1st version of those 2 should come from the traditional comics. The Superman Soldier seems like a wasted character.

    For SS, I agree, def should have made an Amanda Waller. After all, she did bring the squad together. Seemed to me a lot of Joker variants for a character who was barely in the movie.

    That being said I did enjoy both movies.

    1. I agree about Lois and Lex! I would love to see those and a more traditional version would be better. Also agree about the superman soldier! I wound up buying most of the BvS characters but I am just not interested in that one as it seems like a waste of space and money.

    2. Yeah I agree with you. Why make Aquaman and not make The Flash or Cyborg? Seems like an odd choice. They may add an Amanda Waller pop down the road.

  3. I preferred Batman V Superman but am not bashing Suicide Squad. The best pop out of both sets in my opinion is the Amored Batman exclusive. I do like that I have the Joker to go with batman from the current DC uinverse though even if he was under used in the movie.

    1. I’m with you on that. The Armored Batman looks sweet and it’s probably my favorite Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice pop.

  4. I loved both movies and both pop sets. I think BvS gave us the best live action Batman we’ve ever had and the pops are great. SS was an awesome movie. Totally fun and Joker was also pretty cool in it. I’m glad the D.C. Movies have a different tone and feel than the Marvel movies which kinda all blend together after a while.

    1. I’m not sure which film I liked better. I enjoyed Deadshot and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman in BvS. Batman was better than I was expecting.

  5. BvS wasn’t as bad as I’d been led to expect. The whole thing was too dark and edgy, but there were definitely some good points in there. Gal Godot was excellent as Wonder Woman and Affleck was better as Bruce/Batman than I was expecting.

    The Pops for the movie are just pretty boring. I never want to see that Superman Soldier again…it seems to be hanging around in every store I go to.

    I loved Suicide Squad. The whole movie was just so much fun. It tried to be a bit dark and edgy too, but everything was just so ridiculous and overblown, I found it hard not to smile. The soundtrack was amazing too. Captain Boomerang was great.

    The Pops are awesome too. The regular Harley is one of my favourite Pops of all time…it’s just amazing!

    1. BvS wasn’t my favorite film but it did have some good moments. I still need to watch the Extended Edition. I’m hopeful Wonder Woman will be really good because I was underwhelmed by both films.

  6. I’m very interested in having more Supergirl pops added to the mix!! Alex Danvers,J’onn Jones,Maggie Sawyer. Bring em on! The show is incredible and deserves more recognition!

    1. Hmmm… not sure what these pop suggestions have to to work BvS or SS.. however, I would welcome them all to my collection

  7. Disliked both films.They’re trying to be the grimdark yang to Marvel’s jokey action ying, but they’re not executing at all. BvS tried to spin Man of Steel’s disaster (both plotwise and quality wise) and came up short. Suicide Squad felt like it was written by 60-year old Hot Topic executives. Really just two awful films. I’m hoping Wonder Woman turns DC Films around, because I have not been impressed with what little I have seen of The Flash and Justice League films.

    That said, BvS’ Pops are really nice. The Superman is my favorite version of him to date (expecting the LoC box one to top it though), Wonder Woman is a nice rendition, Doomsday is awesome, and Knightmare Batman is an interesting look.

    Suicide Squad on the other hand is not as good. It’s mostly tedious Joker and Harley variants with some unspectacular Squad members. I didn’t want a single one even a little bit.

    1. I disagree on Man of Steel, that was actually much better than expected. It is very difficult to show a vulnerable side of Superman. They tried in Superman Returns but it came off as whiny. MoS did a good job of taking him to a place that he rarely goes in being forced to kill Zod. I will say that BvS would have been much better if they werent trying to cram so much into it to boot up the DCU. Doomsday was terrible, look was off, he is a much better character than he was portrayed as. Suicide Squad looks like a disaster and I refuse to watch it.

    2. I didn’t care much for either film but I thought both had some decent moments. I didn’t like Batman V Superman’s version of Lex Luthor at all. I thought Doomsday was pretty lame as well. I liked the Doomsday in Smallville so much better.

      Enchantress could be my least favorite villain in any DC movie I’ve ever seen. I thought the portrayal was so awful.

      That being said, I liked Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman and I liked Deadshot and Diablo in Suicide Squad. I hope the DC films improve because if they keep giving us quality like these two films then they might be in trouble.

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