Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice vs. Suicide Squad

Are you a DC fan? If so, bring your thoughts to the comments section because we need a lively debate and I’m generally curious as to what you all think when it comes to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice vs. Suicide Squad.

DC Films released in 2016:

  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Suicide Squad

Batman from Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Pops (19):
Aquaman, Aquaman (Ocean), Aquaman (Patina), Batman & Superman (2-Pack) (SDCC 2015) (First to Market), Batman & Superman (2-Pack) (Metallic), Batman & Superman (2-Pack) (Glow in the Dark), Batman, Batman (Armored) (LOC), Batman (Knightmare), Doomsday (SDCC 2016), Superman, Superman (False God) (SDCC 2016), Superman Soldier, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman (Patina), Wonder Woman (Sepia). These are all of the pops in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice set. Take a look at some of the images. Next, let’s check out a few from Suicide Squad.

Wonder Woman from Batman V SupermanSuperman from Batman V Superman

Suicide Squad Pops (21):
Batman (Underwater), Boomerang, Deadshot, Deadshot (Masked), Diablo, Dr. Harleen, Enchantress (LOC), Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn (Gown), Harley Quinn (Inmate), Joker, Joker (Boxer), Joker (Grenade Damage), Joker (Suit), Joker (Tuxedo) , Joker & Harley Quinn (2-Pack) (Metallic), Katana, Killer Croc, Killer Croc (Glow in the Dark), Killer Croc (Hooded), Rick Flag. These are all of the pops from the Suicide Squad Set. You can see a few of the images below.

The JokerHarley Quinn

Suicide Squad beat out Batman V Superman by just two pops. The major difference is that the Dawn of Justice set only includes six different characters. Aquaman wasn’t even really in the movie. He was only seen on a computer screen for a few seconds. Of note, there was no Lois Lane or Lex Luthor pops. The Suicide Squad set included ten different characters with eleven variants of those characters. Even with that many characters they could’ve added Amanda Waller which is nowhere to be seen. You can find images for the rest of the pops at this link.

Deadshot Unmasked

At the Box Office Batman V Superman reigned supreme. It out grossed Suicide Squad by over $100 million worldwide but only managed less than a $10 million lead in North America. With the large difference in opening weekend sales it’s clear that Batman V Superman was more frontloaded while Suicide Squad had much longer legs during the end of the summer.

The critical response was equally as terrible for both films as Batman V Superman received a 27% from Rotten Tomatoes while Suicide Squad was at a 26%. Audiences were a bit more forgiving with Dawn of Justice earning a 64% while Suicide Squad received a 63%.

With the information presented above I leave you with a few questions. What is your favorite film? What is your favorite set? What’s your favorite piece?