Review: X-Men Mystery Minis

In keeping with the new waves of Pops and Dorbz, Funko’s expansion of their X-Men line has involved a set of Mystery Minis.  Mystery Minis can be one of Funko’s most unpredictable products, since each series is in a completely different style.  Here is a look at four pieces from the set that best represent it as a whole.

The Colossus figure is basically your average Mystery Mini, meaning that while it is objectively a good figure, it can be frustrating both because of its commonness (I received him 3 times out of the 9 boxes I purchased) and the fact that it doesn’t have a praticularly interesting pose.  Despite this, the colors are excellent and the sculpt does a good job of capturing the character’s larger-than-life build.  While it’s not the most interesting figure, it ended up being one of my favorites in the set.

Next is Emma Frost.  Emma was my least favorite figure in the set, simply because she lacked any interesting features.  Both her inactive pose and monotonous white costume make for kind of a stale-looking figure.  This inclusion may be a strike, but luckily it gets better again.

Magneto has always been one of my favorite villains, so I was particularly excited to open the box and find him.  While the red and purple suit might be a little silly-looking to some people, the pose is the best in the series, in my opinion.  With the billowing cape that allows his feet to float above the ground, it really looks like this figure was ripped straight from a comic book.  Like the Colossus, however, it is still a common figure that may not excite people who aren’t particularly huge Magneto fans.

Having saved the best for last, the final figure I will discuss is Kitty Pryde.  This figure is one of three possible GameStop exclusives (Hot Topic also having exclusives) and has a lot of work put into it for something so small.  Her legs fade into transparency as if she were using her phasing powers, and best of all, her pet dragon Lockheed is standing by her side.  The amount of detail that went into this tiny figure is a great example of how amazing Funko’s design work can be when they really put their minds to it.

All in all, I was very pleased with the series despite a few clunkers.  The one problem I have with the series as a whole is the non-uniformity of the figures.  Some have pupils in their eyes and some don’t, some are much larger than the average Mini and some are much smaller, etc.  While some collectors might just look up the case layouts online, the majority of the figures look great individually.