Worst Movies. Best Pops. Do You Agree?

While the following will most certainly ruffle a few feathers, please keep in mind that the goodness and badness of movies is largely subjective. Also remember that in many instances, Funko has secured the rights to produce figures long before the public crams into theaters to see finished product. With that said and without further ado…

Bad movies with cool Pops.

Batman vs. Superman

This one is kind of a no-brainer. The hype was so high that it was simply impossible for the movie to measure up. Of course it didn’t help that the movie was bogged down by a haphazard story and the worst Lex Luthor the world has ever seen. However, the 2015 SDCC exclusive Pop 2-pack is a pretty cool showcase of the title characters. We get our first real glimpse at the new Batsuit and continue to wonder why these titans of superheroes are facing off. It doesn’t hurt that the piece is limited to 500 and first to market. Comic-Con 2016 also boasted a wicked 6-inch Doomsday that looked oddly looked much more real than its movie counterpart.


This poor man’s Lord of the Rings gives those four dozen people still playing the online game something to cheer about. The rest of us are forced to wonder how a movie about orcs fighting humans for control of B-grade planet got made in the first place. That said, the Pop likeness of Durotan is quite stellar and has some lovely detail. The guy’s got rings for his teeth, after all. King Llane stands out because he dons a set of armor that King Arthur would be jealous of.

Suicide Squad

I hate to pick on DC again, but this was another let down. I desperately wanted it to be good, but instead it was terribly funny, just not in a good way. Without trying to persuade fans who are still in denial about the overall lacklusterness of the film, let’s move on to the accompanying figures. The designs are top notch and the detail is also impressive. Killer Croc may have one of the best face sculpts of the year and Enchantress from Legion of Collectors is eerily beautiful. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, who was the highlight of the movie, has some cool variants that make her threateningly adorable.

Stay tuned for the next article in this series: The Worst Movies That Need Pops.

What bad movies with good Pops did I leave out? Let us know what you think.