1. They need a Gary, Gerry, Larry three piece set in Plain, Gold, & Putnam…I mean Platinum, damn it Larry!

  2. YES! I’m so excited for this!

    Only issue: I feel like a pantsuit would be more fitting for Leslie. She primarily wore pants, not skirts 🙂

  3. They nailed every character. I just hope they make the rest of the gang (And the characters from The Office [WHICH IS DEFINITLY IN THE SAME UNIVERSE AS PARKS AND REC.]). I’m still surprised that they’re making Lil’ Sabastian tho.

    1. I kinda knew Li’l Sebastian would make it because of how many people said they wanted it. Now we just need Mark, Jerry, and Donna

        1. Ben was on of the ones I was half and half on. I didn’t know if they would have him or not since he came in to the show later on

          1. True, but he did stay around until the end, so having Ben be apart of this makes more sense than having Mark, since Mark left early on.

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