1. On the Walgreens website says the unhooded Gwenpool is not sold in stores. We have been searching for her for a month. At least we found John Stewart Green Lantern and Venom exclusives in our search for her.

  2. My only complaint is that the unmasked one is a Walgreens exclusive. That is going to be hard to find. I can’t wait to have these pops. 🙂

  3. These look pretty sweet. For the Gwen Stacy collectors out there they’ll have 3 Spider-Gwen’s and three Gwen-Pool’s.

  4. Cute!! Would buy! although I have to say, ever since Gwen-pool, Gwen as the character has become overrated. Should have just stuck with spiderQwen and leave as that.

        1. Being that it was only used during a variant month, where every book Gwen Stacy took the mantle of each character, it was already done. The response to the Gwenpool one was really high and a lot of people gave it more attention due to the potential cosplay aspect. Marvel then decided to turn Gwenpool into an actual character. Although, the original variant cover was Gwen Stacy dressed as her version of Deadpool (same costume as GP), Gwen Poole, is not the same person. There is no Gwen-spiracy, it just happened that way.

  5. Why the hell havent they made a Jessica Drew pop yet? We got Captain Marvel and She Hulk together now a character that was literally made 6 months ago but still no Spider Women? Dam Funko

    1. You aren’t the only one that wants Spider Woman pop but I am happy about this pop. She is hilarious. I also want Spider Girl, Spider Ham and Silk pops.

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