Another Look at Black Bolt and a Variant!

We’ve known for a few months that we are getting a Black Bolt Pop! Vinyl and I must say he’s looking pretty good in glam form. Black Bolt or if you want to be formal, Blackagar Boltagon, first appeared in the Fantastic Four comics. He is the leader of the Inhumans. His super power is his voice so in modern times, he’d probably be elected President. In comics, his voice can level a city.

We’ve now seen a variant of Black Bolt where blue replaces his silver trim.

191 “Blue” Black Bolt

Which of these two PX Exclusive figures will be your favorite?


    1. In all seriousness. You bringing your political beliefs in this is aggravating. I come to sites like this to escape the real world. Don’t think I’ll be coming here anymore

  1. Real cool. I had a Black Bolt figure as a kid from the Fantastic 4 cartoon line. He was all blue, despite being…Black Bolt.

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