Vintage Star Wars 3 Pack Coming to Walmart Soon

Twitter user @MissingWords posted this awesome photo today and Funko confirmed its authenticity.

These 3 Pops (Hammerhead, Greedo and Walrus Man) will be a Walmart Exclusive 3 pack and the designs are based on the classic Kenner Star Wars action figures. How great is that? Look for them to start showing up later this month.


  1. Has there been a movie-accurate version Ponda Baba yet? If not, now that they have the mold for the head, it’s a good portent of things to come. Part of me would want to wager on it being a convention exclusive, though I’d be greatly amused if he somehow ended up in a second wave of Rogue One figures.

  2. I wonder who took this photo and/or where it originated? It’s KILLING me that one of the antennae things on the Greedo figure’s head is broken off! Even though Greedo is my favorite in the set, I must say Walrusman is the winner here. Though the other two have new bodies and paint apps on the heads; Walrusman is the only one here that’s both an entirely new sculpt and character in the POP line.

  3. I felt a great disturbance in the if a thirty dollars in my pocket screaming in fear and terror and were suddenly silenced.

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