This Guy’s Top 5: I Must Have 2017 Edition!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the first edition of This Guy’s Top 5 for 2017.  With a new year comes new ideas and new promises from Funko.  They just spent twelve days listing what is coming out this year and I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming slate.  Every January I say I need to save money, but then Funko releases a new set and before you know it, I am eating Ramen again so I can afford the next Pop.  Behold my people; the Top 5 upcoming series I MUST have!

Number 5: DuckTales

I used to come home from school, and watch the two hour Disney Block every Monday-Friday. Gummy Bears, Tail Spin, and Darkwing Duck were fun; but DuckTales was by far my favorite Disney show!  I am worried the updated version will be a bust, but Jean-Ralphio (this guy is a huge parks fan, see more below) is the voice of Dewey, so I am going to give it a try regardless.  Hopefully these Pops will be based on the old cartoons so I can score a Launchpad (Pop Ride in Helicopter?!?) and fingers crossed, GIZMODUCK!

Number 4: Metallica

With the Core three of Metallica getting up there in age, the question is how long will they continue to rock? Well, now that they are coming to Pop Vinyl Form, the answer is FOREVER!  With no other information released other than “Hey we are going to make Metallica pops,” my mind is running wild with ideas.  Could we get Lars and a whole drum set?  Could we get Jason and Cliff Pops along with the current four?  Will the boys have long 80’s hair or shorter, current haircuts?  Will Rob have his hair braided?  Could we get all four as a box set with a stage?  The answers to most of those question will probably be no.   But because they haven’t released any specs, it could be YES!

Number 3: ALIAS

Funko promised me these last year around this time, but since then the idea of Sydney Bristow and the rest of SD:6 taking over my shelf has since gone dark. There are so many ways they could go with the Pops from this show.  I am sure Michael Vaughn will have a Pop, but the real prize will be how many stores can get a Sydney Bristow Exclusive since she had a ridiculous amount of (Emmy Nominated) disguises.


Number 2: Top Gun

Another theme promised to me by Funko last year but since then no movement which is a shame since the 30th Anniversary just past. I am dying to see what Maverick will look like.  Will we get him with his helmet?  Will we get him in a Jet with Goose behind him?  I will even take a Maverick rocking a Boomer Jacket and riding a Motorcycle.  I am not picky at this point.  Top Gun is in my Top 5 Movies ever so throw me a bone Funko!!!

Number 1: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is the greatest show Television has ever produced. I said it loud and proud.  I am a Parks and Rec Disciple.  Every night before bedtime, I have to watch an episode to relax and insure I get sweet dreams and not nightmares.  I even watch this show before bed on Netflix when I am on vacation; yes it’s that serious.  Leslie, Ron, Andy, and the rest of the cast are now family.  A Parks and Rec set could bring me so much joy.  I don’t even care what they are holding or dressed like because I will buy it.  P.S. Ron with a steak or bacon scent could be everything and all other Pops ever created would fail in comparison to this.  Don’t mess this up for me Funko.