Fettman’s Best of 2016: What We Say

Now that the ball has dropped on a new year, let’s take a look back. 2016 has come and gone and with it we’ve seen the release of many awesome Funko products. Arguably, it has been Funko’s biggest year – they added new licenses (Harry Potter, for instance), new toy lines (Rock Candy), and thousands of new collectibles for us to collect.

Although it’s nearly impossible to select only five favorites, here are top 5 Funko products of the year according to a variety of PopVinyls.com writers and editors. (NOTE: please assume all figures stated below are from the Pop! line unless it says otherwise.)

Matt Norris

Freddy Robot (Funko-Shop Exclusive)

12th Doctor with guitar

Indy’s Ride (NYCC/Disney Parks Exclusive)

Boba Fett jet-pack pose (Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive)

Rapunzel dancing pose


Daniel Beckers

Thanos Dorbz

Metallic Ghost Rider Dorbz



Batman Mega Dorbz


Richard Nyan

General Grievous

Duck Dodgers – White Gamma Glow

Boba Fett jet-pack pose (Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive)

Indiana Jones with golden idol (SDCC Exclusive)

Wight Reaper

Travis Denman

Indiana Jones with golden idol (SDCC Exclusive)

Elliot 6”

Cursed Barbossa with monkey

Santa Stitch Dorbz

Heat Miser/Snow Miser Dorbz 2-pack (Funko Shop Exclusive)


Joshua Pirtle

Indiana Jones with sankara stone (Disney Parks Exclusive)

Hera Syndulla

Scooby Doo Dorbz

One Piece Luffy

Harley Quinn Rock Candy


Ryan Thompson

General Grievous

Young Anakin Skywalker

Rapunzel dancing pose

Spider-Man stealth suit

Lucius Malfoy with Death Eater mask


Ian Luskin

Captain America crouching pose (Gamestop Exclusive)

Joker – Dark Knight Returns

Arkham Mystery Minis

Kitty Pryde (NYCC Exclusive)

Clark Kent (Hot Topic Exclusive)



Clark Kent (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Indiana Jones with sankara stone (Disney Parks Exclusive)

Boba Fett jet-pack pose (Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive)

Night King

Wolverine’s Motorcycle (Collector Corps Exclusive)


What are your top 5 Funko collectibles of the year?



  1. MY Top 5:

    AHS: the Countess
    Mr T
    Scooby Doo: Velma
    Pinky & the Brain (can’t seperate them)
    Little Mermaid: Sebastian

    Pocahontas: Meeko

  2. ZEA Batman (actually found in the wild. Personal best find for me)
    Indy w/ Idol
    Scooby Doo
    Thomas Wayne (always wanted Flash Point Batman)
    Harry Potter w/ Hedwig

  3. Clark Kent HT Exclusive
    Metallic Red Ranger
    Hellraiser Pinhead Pop!
    Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Roy Burns US variant
    Star Wars NYCC Biston

  4. Boy this one is hard

    Clark Kent HT Exclusive
    Alien Queen
    Super Friends Batman
    Smuggler’s Bounty Boba Fett
    Smuggler’s Bounty Darth Vader

    Had a hard time deciding between these and Space Ghost, Firestorm, IG-88, and Bespin Luke w/o hand

  5. Surprised no Killing Joke Joker. Was probably one of the variety of Joker I thought I would never see. That thing is amazing

    I’m still holding out hope Walgreens rerelease General Greivous also

  6. My top five from this year
    1 Harvest Batman funkoween exclusive
    2 the killing joke joker Gamestop exclusive
    3 bloody Jon Snow hot topic exclusive
    4 Indy pop ride nycc/Disney exclusive
    5 holiday Batman dorbz 12 days of Funko Christmas exclusive
    I own all of these… And I love each one

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