Funko Cranks Up the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Hype!

If you weren’t excited about the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 yet, Funko will take care of that problem right now! You can preorder Pops, Pint Size Heroes, Keychains, Plushies and Rock Candy figures from Entertainment Earth right now. There are also some AMAZING store exclusives below including a 10″ Groot. Whoa! Let’s check em out!

Rock Candy

Gamora and Mantis are two beautiful Rock Candy figures that you can preorder now!


Thre new keychains to preorder now! Give me that Groot!

Pint Size Heroes

No Mystery Minis were surprising but I love Pint Size Heroes! Preorder them now!


Dorbz are without a doubt the second most popular line at Funko. All of the following can be preordered now but the Hot Topic exclusive Groot!

Pop! Vinyls

Check out these amazing new Pop Vinyls. New sculpts and a possible chase Star-Lord. Preorder these from Entertainment Earth and you get a fair shot at the chase piece!

Store Exclusive Pops!

These figures are found at specific stores.

10″ Groot only at Target. Whoa!
Walmart Exclusive Groot!
Gamestop Exclusive Rocket
Toys R Us Exclusive Masked Star-Lord
Hot Topic Exclusive Groot w/ Shield


  1. Kinda sucks you can just make a chase yourself use tru mask and common body i wonder how many fakes are gonna be on the market hopefully funko catches this and makes a change

  2. Will the Toys R Us Star-Lord be released the same time as the rest of the line? Or do exclusives come out earlier/later?

  3. These are sooo awesome! I started collecting Pops around when Civil War came out, so I’ve held off on picking up most of the original GotG line, and so happy I did! The new Star-lord and Gamora in particular look sooooo much better!

    And Mantis is a common?! Even better!

    So now do we get to speculate who will be in the inevitable collector corps box? Alysha perhaps?

    Really glad they decided to limit the dorbz, I can’t tell you how many of them I saw on clearance at my local barnes & noble this summer….

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