Custom Corner: Glitter Through the Looking Glass

Custom Corner: Glitter Through the Looking Glass

When you live in a place where nothing is what it is because everything is what it isn’t, you’d have to be a bit mad. Or, at least, so says the Mad Hatter. When you’re carefully mixing custom glitter colors and applying delicate lines of adhesive to glitterize a magnificently sculpted vinyl figure, you might say you’d have to be a bit mad, too. But both result in something made of pure, beautiful wonder that does nothing short of bringing a smile to even the sourest of faces.

Custom Corner: Glitter Through the Looking Glass

Created by Samantha Reidy of Pop Glitter Customs, this glittery Mad Hatter excellently captures the wonder and awe, the merriment and madness, of Wonderland. “I began glittering Pops one day when I was on a random shopping trip,” Reidy says about her start with the sparkly vinyls. “I saw some glitter that was on sale, and a lightbulb went off. It’s really as simple as that.” After nearly 150 glittery custom POPs, Reidy has certainly made her mark in the custom POP world.

In this particular custom, the attention to detail, the smoothly applied glitter layers, the custom mixed colors all bring out the best, most magical parts of the Hatter. And while too much glitter could become overwhelming to some, Reidy has captured a perfect balance between glitter and plain vinyl that both emphasizes her craftsmanship and softens the glitter effect to a happy glow.

“I’m a woman who loves all that sparkles!” Reidy says of the figures. And after seeing this beautifully crafted vinyl, I think it’s safe to say I’ve been pulled to the glitter side, too!

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