Review: GS “Beam Up” Spock Dorbz

Funko has recently expanded the Dorbz line all the way to planet Vulcan with a great new GameStop exclusive.  This figure features Spock midway through a transporter trip.  The translucent, glittery portion looks a lot like the actual transporter visual effect used in the original series, and the fact that the legs are outlined in white instead of black adds to the semi-transparent look.  The specific details of the uniform are all there, like the science badge and the rank-indicating bands on the sleeve.  My one piece of advice is not to display the figure in such a way that you’re looking down on it, as that makes the hair look oddly small.  Other than that, it’s a great figure which I highly recommend to any fellow Trekkies.

While no news of any other Star Trek Dorbz has surfaced (to my knowledge), keep your fingers crossed because Funko has indicated that 2017 will bring new “sci-fi dorbz,” and while this may be infuriatingly vague, I’m still hoping for a smiley little Gorn to pop up on shelves.