MCC X-Men Unboxing — Spoiler Alert!

Joining Funko’s recent slew of new X-Men products is this month’s Marvel Collector Corps box, themed after everyone’s favorite merry mutants.  In my opinion, the box was a big success, but let’s take a look at the individual items so you can decide for yourselves.

Upon opening the box, I first came to the patch, featuring Storm, and the pin, featuring Magneto’s helmet.  The patch was a little bland and colorless, but otherwise these two items looked pretty good.

Next came the comic, a reprint of Mark Waid’s recent hit Champions #1.  This was a great choice for the comic as even at only three issues in, Champions is already extremely popular (the first issue having garnered over 400,000 preorders).  The MCC exclusive variant cover features Cyclops blasting through a wall and did a great job of translating a Pop figure into an action pose.

After that was the T-shirt, one of my favorite parts of the box.  All of us who wish we could have gone to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters can get one step closer with this shirt feauring the school logo.

The box contained MCC’s first Rock Candy in the form of Mystique.  Last week, the MCC Twitter page teased that Mystique might be appearing, so even though I wasn’t really surprised by this figure, I still really like it.  It has a fun pose and some nice bright colors, and its more realistic proportions are a refreshing difference from the chibi style of Pops and Dorbz.

Lastly comes the centerpice of the box: The Pop!  When Funko revelaed tht the box would contain a Pop Ride, I was worried that it would be the Blackbird Jet, which would have been very large and cumbersome.  However, MCC assuaged my fears and gave us one of the best Pop Rides to date, Wolverine’s motorcycle.

Individually, the Pop looks pretty good, but it’s posed specifically to sit on the bike, so it’s probably better to keep the two pieces together.  The motorcycle also has some nice detailing, including flame and skull decorations, mud-splattered tires, and a license plate that reads “X-Men.”

Although the piece is a little big, it’s easy to make space for because when placed on a flat surface, the front wheel is raised off the ground and the bike balances on just the rear wheel and kickstand.  It’s therefore possible to allow the front portion to hang off the edge of a shelf or desk if necessary.

The theme of February’s upcoming MCC box is Superhero Showdown (keeping my fingers crossed for a Daredevil v Punisher 2-pack), and orders close in a little under two months.  DC fans also have just over ten days left to purchase the DC Legacy box, which Funko revealed will have a character who has never been Pop-ified before!


  1. Overall, I was very pleased with this box, and I’m not particularly an X-Men fan. Although I do agree that they could have made some better choices for the Pop as far as not making another Wolverine, I was in no way disappointed with what they included. Wolverine/Logan should have a Pop with a ride, as his motorcycle riding habit is a really big part of his character. Moreover, it’s a really cool looking ride.

    I do agree that they should be using the MCC boxes for more obscure, fan-favorite characters. What everyone has to keep in mind, though, is that A LOT of people came down really hard on MCC when they released the Morbius Pop in the villains box, and WAY too many people complained about it. Now, WAY too many people are complaining because what they’re getting isn’t obscure enough. MCC is never going to be able to make a great (by the majority of people’s standards,) box until we, as consumers, figure out what exactly we want. There will always be some stinkers out there, but when there isn’t a whole lot of positive fan reaction for characters like Morbius and Secret Wars Thor, (or as somebody brought up, Squirrel Girl,) MCC won’t continue to take chances when people threaten to drop their subscriptions because of it. A little less complaining, and some more positive, suggestive criticism, might go a long way.

    On that note, is there a forum that the fans can go to where Funko looks at suggestions and wish lists for new Pops? If not, is there a way to get some suggestions or preferences into the ears of the people at Funko?

    I personally would like them to do a supernatural box, just so that they can give us a Ghost Rider with motorcycle Pop, in the fashion of what they’ve just given us with Wolverine and his ride. I would pee my pants if I opened that box and saw that Pop inside. (Okay… maybe not pee my pants, but I’d get REALLY excited.)

  2. I am not saying its necessarily a bad box, I just believe a POP! or Ride like that should be a regular release. To me, these boxes and others like it should be primarily used for lesser known popular/cult fan favorites, not arguably one of the most well-known characters in history.

  3. I’m totally with you on hoping they do a Daredevil vs Punisher 2-Pack. That would be even better if fhey were “Battle Damaged” too!

  4. Super disappointed by this box, like I really feel like I wasted my money. Wolverine was just a lazy choice, and honestly, way too many Pops of him. I thought these boxes were supposed to be crafted so they could do some Pops that collectors and fans would love that may not sell well, like Squirrel-Girl (literally one of my favorite Pops I own), not a dude who just got like 4 new versions.

    I’m also not a fan of the Rock Candy designs, little too misogynist for me.

    Most likely going to just wait and order after the reveals for all the non-MCU boxes.

    1. I’m curious..what did you want? And frankly, they have to encourage people to buy the box sometimes. Squirrel Girl did not under any circumstances increase sales.

      1. I hoping for Ice-Man honestly. Since we’d gotten a dorbz of him at SDCC, I had hoped that his Pop may be in this box. And really there are so many other X-Men they could have done cool Pops with, instead of another Wolverine.

        In general, I’m glad that they are branching out and attempting a Pop ride, that’s exciting, I just don’t agree with their execution of the idea.

        As for Squirrel Girl, I signed up for the Women of Power box, and stayed a subscriber because of it, so they for sure got some new subscribers from that one.

        And honestly, if they couldn’t sell an X-Men box on the theme alone, they are doing something wrong…

  5. I think its a decent box but these items really arent foor me. For once though I really like the tshirt, its the first cillector corps shirt ill acctually keep.
    The pop is cool, but sgain nothing im fussed about, I eas hoping for Gambit.
    Decent enough box, just not yo my personal tastes.

    1. Hmm.. This is the first box in a long time that I have been totally disappointed I didn’t order. However I did just get it from their “Pasf Boxes” section.
      I guess each person has different tastes and that’s why I have started to go the “wait and see” route before I purchase it. No reason to blow $33 on a box I don’t care for any of the items. The box over the summer, that had the Squirrel Girl pop, was one of those I was so glad I didn’t preorder.

  6. A bit disappointed with this box. Love the t-shirt, but I’m not a fan of Rock Candy at all (honestly kind of embarrassing to display), and the Pop is a character that has been released before in plenty of variations. I think these things are a good way to release products that otherwise might not sell as well, like Morbius, or, say, Beast in the Blackbird. A re-used Logan head with a re-used motorcycle on a new-ish body isn’t the kind of thing I’m expecting out of these boxes. At least Golden Age Catwoman, despite being a character released before, was a unique take on the character. This is not that.

    I think Funko’s boxes are by far the most value-packed of any subscription box, but I’m starting to re-evaluate my subscription with this and the Batman Villains box. I think I will be waiting for the reveal of what’s inside and then buy after the fact if I like what I see, because I can’t justify spending $35 every month on what has gone from a sure thing to a gamble.

      1. True dat! Personally, I think that the Rock Candy line is awesome. My only complaint is that I wish that they had done a different X-Lady. Psylocke would have been nice, as would have any version of Jean Grey/Phoenix. Emma Frost seems like she would make a perfect Rock Candy, as well. Of course, one of my all time favorite X-Ladies is Siryn, but I don’t think that she’s popular enough to make a Rock Candy for.

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