The Funko Phenomenon #10: A Look Forward

For those who read my past columns and been wondering what happened in the last month, I’ve been a bit under the weather that somehow turned into something that doctors couldn’t really solve. Fortunately, it looks like I’m finally on the mend.

The unfortunate part of all this is that I really haven’t had the time to come up with a lot of topics to discuss. Thus, I’ve decided to use the easy option and do a “Random Thoughts” column to get back into the swing of things.

Funko’s 12 Days of Christmas
-I noticed a number of people being disappointed in what Funko offered in their online shop promotion. Again, I think this is another case of people’s expectations being a little too high. Would it have been awesome to see a new Santa Claus Pop! or an exclusive John McClane Die Hard (yes, it’s a Christmas movie) item? Of course. Still, offerings like the Muppets’ Flocked Animal and Christmas Batman Dorbz were still pretty awesome and easily were a buy for me.

Increasing Dorbz Love
-The Pop! line was the first thing that captured my attention in regards to Funko collecting and for a little bit, I was in the “Those Dorbz look dumb” mentality. Slowly but surely, I started to come around on Dorbz and now, my bookcase display is filling up with these little cute collectibles. On Black Friday, I searched all the Gamestops near me for the Exclusive Reverse Flash and found it at the last store. I also cannot wait to hunt down the upcoming Mega Man Dorbz as well. Consider me quite the convert to Dorbz. Also, being a Batman fan, I would like to implore Funko to stop making them in Dorbz form because it’s killing my wallet.

Stranger Things Pop! Line
-This is some way old thoughts as the line was announced way back on Halloween, but I cannot stress how awesome the first wave looks. Even if you don’t know or seen the show (shame on you if you haven’t), the detail on the Pops! is pretty incredible. I love the Eleven Pops! by far, but Upside Down Will and Dustin are close seconds. Even Joyce with the tangled ball of lights is great stuff. Kudos for Funko for not only working on securing the deal to make these, but rewarding collectors with great detailed Pops! and exclusives. Well done.

1 “Out There” Wish for 2017
-Last month, I managed to secure tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway with my sister. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am NOT a Broadway person at all, but Hamilton was absolutely awesome. It sucked me in after the first few minutes and the play flew by. Given the continuing popularity of Hamilton, I would love to see Funko put out a Pop! and Dorbz. I’m of course not sure how intricate licensing deals are, but this would not only be something cool to see in collectible form, but I’m sure it would sell well.

To end things, thank you to everyone who’s read and/or commented on my past columns and I hope you continue to read in the future.  Enjoy the holiday season and may you all get at least something Funko-related as a gift.