Star Wars Snowtrooper Hikari Figure Coming Soon

Funko has announced a new Hikari figure: First Order Snowtrooper, which appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, where they can be seen to be guarding the Starkiller Base for the First Order!

This figure has a limited edition size of 500, is priced at $79.99 and will be released in February.

You can pre-order these from Entertainment Earth

What do you think of this Hikari?

One comment

  1. Awesome!

    The First Order Snowtrooper is my favorite design from the Force Awakens!

    Considering there aren’t many Star Wars characters currently in the Hikari series (but many variants!) I must admit I’m pleasantly surprised that the Snowtrooper made his way to the line so quickly (if it all); I always figured the Flametrooper, TIE Fighter Pilot, Captain Phasma or Kylo Ren himself would be the first Force Awakens villain to appear in the Hikari line.

    Thanks for the nice surprise Funko!

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