Flashback Friday: The MCU Edition Shrinks

Hello and welcome to Flashback Friday. Each week I’ll be bringing you a brand new article on a related Pop or Dorbz that’s connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anything film or television related is fair game. I’ll be doing a short review and then moving on to my thoughts on the piece and series.

Today is Black Friday which means it’s one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Hopefully you’re all out there finding some sweet deals on everything Funko related. That brings us to this week’s Flashback. Today’s Pop is special because you could only get it at San Diego Comic Con 2015. I’m talking about the very funny Scott Lang as Blackout Ant-Man.

85 Blackout Ant-Man
85 Blackout Ant-Man

When Ant-Man was first announced a great deal of people thought it was going to be Marvel’s first outright box office bomb. Although Ant-Man holds one of the lowest opening weekend’s in the MCU history it went on to gross over half a billion dollars worldwide. The studio must have been happy with the performance of the film because they greenlit a sequel titled Ant-Man and the Wasp scheduled for release in 2018. Ant-Man was also seen in the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War and he was a HUGE success in that film.
Blackout Ant-Man was released in 2015 at San Diego Comic Con as an exclusive to the event.

Ant-Man is numbered 85 in the Marvel Pop group and is part of the Ant-Man line of Pops. They include:
• Ant-Man (#85)
• Ant-Man (#85) (Hot Topic) (Glow in the Dark)
• Ant-Man (#85) (SDCC 2015) (Blackout)
• Yellow Jacket (#86)
• Yellow Jacket (#86) (Amazon/Underground Toys) (Glow in the Dark)
• Ant-Man (#87) (Marvel Collector Corps)

The Ant-Man line only contains six different Pops of merely two characters. Hopefully in the future they can add Hank Pym, Hope Van Dyne, and Wasp. I’d expect that for Ant-Man and the Wasp we’ll probably see at least double the amount of Pops.


The design of the Blackout Suit is difficult to compare because this version was not in the Ant-Man film. The look and feel of the costume is pretty sweet. The normal gray part of the suit is replaced with black and it looks like all of the red in the suit stays in the same place. It really is a good looking design. The box should have a Comic Con sticker on the bottom right of the plastic window.

For those interested in adding this Pop to your collection here’s what you need to know. Since the Pop was exclusive to San Diego Comic Con it will be a bit more difficult to get your hands on. You’d be really lucky if you pick this up for less than $20.00. The Pop currently goes for right around $20.00 but as high as $40.00. You won’t find this guy in retail stores. Your best bet is to hit Amazon, eBay, or our Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade page which can be found here https://facebook.com/groups/funkopopvinyltrade. You’ll definitely want to check it for any other MCU Pop wants. You should also check out our Black Friday deals page which can be found here http://popvinyls.com/funko-black-friday-deals/.


If you’d like to see any specific pieces in a future MCU Flashback make sure to leave a comment. While you’re doing that let us know what you think of the Blackout Ant-Man Pop.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Best of luck on your Funko shopping and stay safe out there.

I’ll see you next Friday for another flashback.