Flashback Friday: The MCU Edition

Hello and welcome to a special Halloween edition of Flashback Friday. Each week I’ll be bringing you a brand new article on a related Pop or Dorbz that’s connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anything film or television related is fair game. I’ll be doing a short review going over the design and costume and then moving on to my thoughts on the piece and series.

Since Halloween is only a few short days away I thought it would be a fun idea to do a character in costume. Then I thought to myself, wait! They all have costumes. So I was trying to figure out what character to pick and then it hit me. Not only will this be the first Dorbz piece I cover but it kind of fits with the Halloween theme of dressing up in something different. Please give your warmest welcome to the Vision…in a tuxedo…which he never wore in any movie so far!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the Vision was first introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He was created by Ultron as a new and stronger vessel. As the film progresses he becomes conscious when Tony uploads J.A.R.V.I.S. as its operating system and Thor uses Loki’s Mind Gem to complete the process. The Vision goes on to join the Avengers and help defeat Ultron and his army of robots.

In Captain America: Civil War, Vision ends up on Tony Stark’s side of the conflict. What’s very interesting in the film is the Vision is attempting to blend into society by wearing clothing for the very first time. He’s seen multiple times wearing pants and a sweater throughout the film. On a side note, both MCU films the Vision has been a featured character have gone on to gross over $1 billion dollars worldwide (Avengers: Age of Ultron & Captain America: Civil War).

Glam shot of the GameStop Exclusive Tuxedo Vision.
Glam shot of the GameStop Exclusive Tuxedo Vision.

The Vision we see here is wearing a tuxedo. A very handsome black tux with a dark blue tie. He must be ready for a Halloween party. The pinkish color for his skin looks great and the silver outline around his head and chin work well with the piece. The yellow Mind Gem really stands out at the top of his forehead. I’m very curious as to who and why they decided to give the Vision this type of clothing when he never wore it in the film. It looks pretty good but it still feels odd not seeing him with his cape. This piece is a GameStop exclusive and I believe it’s the only Captain America: Civil War Dorbz that’s found exclusively at GameStop.

The Vision is numbered 130 in the Dorbz series and was released in 2016. He’s part of the Captain America: Civil War line which is the largest MCU line of Dorbz besides Guardians of the Galaxy. The line includes Captain America (107), Black Widow (108), Falcon (109), Black Panther (110), Black Panther Unmasked CHASE (110), Winter Soldier (111), Iron Man (112), Vision (113), Crossbones (114), Crossbones Battle Damaged CHASE (114), Iron Man Open Mask (128), Crossbones Unmasked (129), Iron Man Unmasked (131), Captain America Unmasked (132), Scarlet Witch (171), Ant-Man (179), and 6” Giant Man (05). This is probably my favorite MCU Dorbz line to date. Not only am I huge fan of Captain America and all of his related Dorbz but I’m also enjoying all of the variety the line contains. So many great looking pieces.


When The Vision first debuted at GameStop he was going for around $20 bucks mostly because he was a new release. Now that he’s been on the market for a while he’s settled around $10. I’ve seen him in quite a few GameStop over the last couple of months. If you can’t find him at GameStop you should be able to get him on eBay, Amazon, or our Facebook group which can found here https://facebook.com/groups/funkopopvinyltrade for all of your collection needs. You can find anything Marvel and MCU related on that page. Definitely give it a try.

If you have any MCU Pops or Dorbz you’d like to see in a future Flashback Friday please leave your choice in a comment below.

Have a happy and safe Halloween week and holiday.

I’ll see you next Friday for a special Doctor Strange edition.