The Mystery in the Mystery Minis Line

Outside of which character I was about to free from its box, there was always one question floating in my mind about Funko’s Mystery Mini’s Line. Why don’t all figures in the line share the same style? All of Funko’s other products do. No matter which Pop, Dorb, or Hikari you look at, you’d never have trouble telling it was just that. But you take a mini out of its box, and you’d have never guessed that the big headed cutesy Disney mini belonged in the same series as the pupil-less Walking Dead ones.

On one hand, I can definitely see why some of the styles might not work for some of the other brands.  The missing pupil style of the horror figures would definitely be a bit dramatic for the light and airy feel of say the Disney or Steven Universe Lines.


But why wouldn’t that style work for the Game of Thrones line? And why do the Arkham minis have the pupil-less style as opposed to that of all the other super hero themed mini lines? It seems puzzling to me as you would think having a consistent style would help you sell your brand. Maybe there isn’t one set of artists working on all the minis. We may never know.

What do you think the reason is?  Do you like the fact that any new series could boast its own new unique look or would you rather they all look alike? As a collector myself I personally prefer that my figures share a style, but that may just be me. Submit your comments below and let us know your preference is and which of the styles is your favorite.


  1. i am glad they are not all the same, inconsistency is what is appealing to them. i do not want my horror ones to look like my fallout set nor the few disney ones i own to look like the marvel ones i own. if anything they are more appealing than pops in some way. smaller to store, less of them and you can do 16-18 a set with exclusives while a pop set may have that many spread over 4 years. i can complete a set or the ones i desire in a month and i am

  2. I kind of agree that I would enjoy a little more consistency. You are correct though that different designers do different themes. That has been mentioned in past articles that Funko sends out to people on the mailing list.

    I think by doing different styles, Funko is attempting to appeal to collectors of all preferences and age ranges. Us adult collectors tend to enjoy the more detailed figures (minus the pupils, of course,) but there are also people who love the child-like simplicity of the Disney Princess/Villains type of sculpt.

    If I had it my way, every Mystery Mini would be in the style of the Arkham/Walking Dead/Horror Classics/Science Fiction themes, but I also understand why they aren’t consistent across the board.

  3. The Mystery Minis are terrible quality compared to Pops! Can’t say I’ve warmed to the visual style / sculpts either. An overpriced, overhyped collectible…

    1. While I get that they’re not for everyone, I still have to say that I couldn’t disagree more with that last bit. While I don’t mind collecting POP figures, I think they’re far more overhyped than the minis.

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