Review: Pint Size Heroes- Batman

If you ask collectors what their three favorite Funko lines are, most of them will probably say Pops, Dorbz, and Mystery Minis.  If you’re one of those people, Funko has a brand new line that is a perfect blend of all three . . . Pint Size Heroes!  These figures have the big chibi heads of Pops, the minimalist body shape of Dorbz, and the adorably diminutive stature of Mystery Minis.  So far, Funko has announced series based on Batman, Spider-Man, and Steven Universe.  Today at my local GameStop I found a case of the Batman series, and decided to get three of them to sample the product.  GameStop also has three exclusives in each series.  For the Batman line, they are Batman ’66, Nightwing, and New 52 Harley Quinn ( replacing Classic Batgirl, Catwoman, and Batman Beyond).


The first one I opened was the standard Batman costume.  For such a small figure, the details were pretty good.  The individual pockets on the utility belt were all clearly defined, and the cowl had a design to show the eyebrows.  While I was a little disappointed to not get a more exciting character, this is still a very solid figure.


Next up was the classic Harley Quinn.  Fans of Batman: The Animated Series and devoted Harley fanatics alike will love this entry in the series, as it is a perfectly miniaturized version of the Clown Princess of Crime.  The bright shade of red looked really nice, and the white face was very clean-looking without any light grayish spots.  The details were also on point, including ruffled bracelets on the wrists.


Finally comes my favorite of the three: New 52 Harley Quinn, a GameStop exclusive!  Now of course Harley is famous for, among other things, her huge number of costume changes through the New 52, so I’ll clarify that this is her first costume from the 2011 Suicide Squad comic.  While it was a pretty well-designed costume, it is very underrepresented in terms of being shown on collectibles, so I was happy to see it here.  The gigantic pigtails are perfectly molded and immaculately painted, and the shading around the eyes flawlessly captures Harley’s deranged look.


Overall, I’m going to give these three figures a rating of 8.5/10.  While not all of them had very original designs, they combine the best qualities of my favorite Funko lines and are surprisingly detailed for figures of such small size.  I’m probably going to try buying some more of these (pleasepleasepleasepleasenightwing) and I’m really excited to see the Spider-Man line hit stores.  I know it’s a little too early to tell, but I think this line has a real future.