Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty November Box Theme Revealed Along With Some Pop Vinyl Spoilers

Today announced the upcoming November theme for the Funko Smuggler’s Bounty box, and its not too much of a surprise to see its a Rogue One box.


But while the box is a while off being delivered, they also revealed two of the Pop Vinyl figures that will be included in the box, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, click away now.













It was revealed that two Pops featuring Jyn Erso and an Imperial Death Trooper would be exclusive to the bi-monthly subscription box for the November Rogue One box.

Here are some better shots of the figures:

jyn-erso-funko-pop death-trooper-funko-pop

There was also a great interview with Reis O’Brien about designing the pops, and this question is pretty interesting to see how they’ve been changing slightly over the years. It seems to me like the Pop! style has changed a bit with this line — characters look a little slimmer or taller than in the past. If I’m not wrong (which I may well be), did you want to evolve the look? Why?

Reis O’Brien: No, that’s a totally accurate observation. Pop!s in general have been evolving over the years. They had started out as these sort of squat, almost chubby little figures in one certain pose (which we call the “hero pose” in-house). But over time we found that many characters just didn’t fit into that mold. Sometimes you’d have a character that is maybe extremely lithe and agile, or have a thin, bendable, willowy feel to their frames. We would find ourselves pushing the look of them more and more, born out of a quest to better represent the characters, to the point that the original “hero pose” started to take a back seat.

With the Rogue One Pop!s, I tried to find a nice “transitional” look that bridged the old “hero pose” (which is what we’ve traditionally used with previous Star Wars Pop!s) to the newer, more realistic style. So, you’ll notice that the Death Trooper is still in that sort of wrestler stance, but I tried to straighten his legs a little and adjust the arms so that he wasn’t squatting so much as he was ready for action.

Our Take:

I’ve got to admit, I love the design of the figures, especially the Death Trooper. However revealing the contents of a mystery subscription box months before it arrives in people’s mailboxes does feel a little odd, however I’m sure announcing this information ahead of time will possibly improve sign ups for the Rogue One box.

What do you think of this reveal?