Five Nights at Freddy’s Store Exclusive Information

While waiting for my son to get out of surgery yesterday, I got up the story about the Five Nights at Freddy’s Pop!s coming everywhere. I did not get to share with you all the store exclusives that you can only find at certain stores. My apologies for that but here they are now!


128 Toy Freddy (Walmart)
106 Flocked Freddy (Barnes & Noble)
126 Shadow Freddy (Hot Topic)
110 Flocked Springtrap (Gamestop)
129 Funtime Foxy (Gamestop)
127 Shadow Bonnie (Target)

You can find Toy Form Freddy only at Walmart, flocked Freddy at Barnes and Noble, and Shadow Freddy at Hot Topic.  Gamestop has exclusive rights to Funtime Foxy and what appears to be a flocked Springtrap. Wrapping up the exclusives,  Shadow Bonnie can be found at Target.