Loot Crate “Anti-Hero” (August 2016) Review

Another month, another Loot Crate. This one themed “Anti-Hero” and contained some really great exclusives from some chaos neutral characters.



1. Loot Crate Exclusive Harley Quinn Q-Fig


A Loot Crate exclusive, this Q-Fig features classic Harley Quinn, complete with her over-sized mallet and hound. I think this is a great piece, and I am really enjoying this partnership that Loot Crate and Qmx is having with these crates.

In addition, this month’s actual crate can be folded to become a version of Harley’s mallet. It’s a pretty fun detail.



2. Loot Crate Exclusive Archer T-Shirt


I have never been a fan of the Archer TV show, but this is a pretty fun exclusive t-shirt. Besides, anyone can be better than our two current nominees, right?

3. Loot Crate Exclusive Hellboy Coin Bank


This is a great desktop Hellboy collectible. A place to store your coins and strike fear in anyone attempting to steal from you. Ha!



4. Loot Crate Exclusive Kill Bill Socks



Featuring the style of “The Bride”, these are some pretty fun graphic socks. They won’t fit me so they will be gifted to a friend, but I like them.


5. Loot Crate World of Warcraft Collectible Pin with Game Unlock



This pin features a full game unlock of World of Warcraft, including all six expansions of the game and a free 30-Day subscription (new accounts only). This might actually be something I look into trying out, as I know a lot of friends who play this game and have fun.


Overall thoughts: Another month where the value of the crate is well worth the $20 subscription fee. Loot Crate has really been stepping up their game. Let’s hope they continue.


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