Funko Introduces Pint Size Heroes

Funko sent out the following press release about their newest line: Pint Size Heroes! You can preorder these by clicking THIS LINK

Funko is proud to introduce our newest line of collectible vinyl figures to the Funko family – Pint Size Heroes!
Everyone is going to be hooked on opening up Pint Size Heroes to find their favorite character.
Created with Funko’s signature flair for designing charming stylized vinyl, we’ve taken our favorite parts of Pop! and Dorbz and made them into an even smaller package – and all at a new low price!

The first series will focus on some of the biggest names in DC, specifically from the Batman Universe!
You’ll be able to unwrap Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman and more….and you might even be get lucky and find a few exclusive variants. These blind-bagged heroes and villains are ready to have an adorable battle in the tiny streets of Gotham.
But be careful – these 1.5” tall figures may look tiny, but they pack a punch of personality!

Be sure to check out GameStop and Hot Topic for special exclusive characters!

Keep an eye out for Nightwing, New 52 Harley Quinn, 50’s Batman, and more!

Start your Pint Size Heroes collection this September!

Coming in September!


Pint Size Heroes – Spider-Man:

Never fear, Marvel fans, we’ve got some for you, too!

Unwrap the blind bag to find Peter Parker, Spider Gwen, Venom and more.
Look for special exclusive characters at GameStop and Toys R Us, like glowing Green Goblin, Red & Black Spider-Man, and Lizard!

Start your Pint Size Heroes collection this October!

Coming in October!
Pint Size Heroes – Steven Universe:

Our final series kicking off Pint Size Heroes is Steven Universe!

Collect them all, including special exclusives at Hot Topic and GameStop.

Start your Pint Size Heroes collection this October!



  1. COOL! I want a pint-sized pets collection as well as a “pets” mystery minis set! It’ll be really cool to have some dogs, cats and other pets for the pocket! I might wanna see two “pets” mystery minis sets, a “cats” one and a “dogs” one!

  2. i wanna see Pint Size Heroes collections of these themes next!

    – Pokémon
    – Gravity Falls
    – Adventure Time
    – The Lord of the Rings
    – Pirates of the Caribbean
    – Nintendo (feat. Pokémon)
    – Godzilla
    – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    – Best of Anime
    – DC Comics Heroes and Villains
    – Marvel Heroes and Villains
    – Disney Villains

    Please make them happen Funko!

      1. YEAH! And I also want the Adventure Time set, the STAR WARS set and a lot of other sets to happen!

        I also want a STAR WARS Mystery Minis set as well!

  3. These things look awesome. It’s like they mixed the bodies of Dorbz with the heads of Pops and the facial expressions of Mystery Minis.

  4. Welp, this might be the thing for which my wife approves of me selling my Pop collection. I always wish Pops were smaller, and these are great. And I love Spider-Man!

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