Power Rangers’ Fans Are About to Get Happy. More Pops On the Way!

Power Rangers’ Fans are about to get Happy. More Pops on the way! Today at Power Morphicon, it was announced that we are getting more Power Rangers Pop Vinyls in Spring 2017! Thanks to @Jumbalia23 for sending me these photos.
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We are getting new versions of Red, Pink and White Power Rangers, plus  a Toy Toyko Exclusive Metallic Green Power Ranger to go along with the Blue Metallic Power Ranger that Gamestop got last month. We’re going to take an assumption that only the Red, Pink, and White will be out in Spring. Green could be as early as NYCC.

What do you think Power Rangers’ fans? Is is Morphin time?


  1. I’m really excited for the relaunch seeing that it is a new pose and they still have metallic and glow in the dark editions which tend to be exclusive. I have wanted the White Ranger for a while and know that the same pose just glow in the dark is SOOOO much more expensive so i think they will variate the poses and looks of these just enough to make finding and collecting still enjoyable. Also i assume metallic Green Ranger and (just a thought) GITD Green Ranger will be in high demand and hard to find. Please sell these at NYCC i will 100% be first in line

  2. I’m so happy! We started collecting recently and was so sad to find out how expensive the first three Rangers were. The recently release four rangers just is not complete without the first three. Thank you!!!

  3. Will these be a general release or are they exclusive to somewhere? (Im uk)
    These look great though. I like the new poses. Ill 100% pock up the red ranger and maybe the white

  4. Funko pops would be much more popular and probably would stay in a long term success rate if they would stop remaking past pops. It’s going to kill their business and have their fans drift away. Sometimes having rare pops makes collecting these things even better. When things are easy to get, it takes the fun out of the whole thing.

    1. With all due respect you couldn’t be more wrong. The market has for Funko items has grown at least 100 times the fan base since those Pops were made. They are not the same Pop designs previously of the Rangers. The old designs won’t lose value. The new action poses allow Funko to satisfy the damn for the Power Rangers without having to screw up the old value.

      As for making new designs…they have hundreds more licenses than 5 years ago so they obviously make far more new items than old.

      1. Oh ok, I wasn’t sure if it was a new pose or not. Thank you for telling me, I just hate remakes, I am not a seller, I’ve been collecting, and I know they came out with more starwars ones before they said that they retired.

      2. I agree. The old ones should still hold the same value. There are dozens of redesigned Batman pops, but it doesn’t affect the value of the vaulted/chases.

      3. Have to agree. The whole ‘I had them originally and that makes it more fun’ that Scott was saying only works for the people who have them. Some newer collectors never had the chance. I imagine funko ony released the origonal 3 instead of the full team because they had no idea how popular theory ended up being. I hate it when pops are hard to find, having a nightmare trying to find some of the exclusive Overwatch pops for a reasonable price.
        Love the new action poses.
        I was really hoping for a megazord pop! Similar to the Voltron pop.

      4. all pop vinyls going forward will mass produced crap and worth nothing i do thing any new pop vinyls will ever be worth anything like there just the old rare ones and chases going forward or everyone would buy cases of the new rangers and batgirl hoping they will be worth crazy prices in 3-5 years like all the early old one because it will happen buyers beware

    2. Pre-ordered white, red, and pink the moment i caught wind of it. Funko doesnt lose out on doing remakes because people eat it up.

      if you mean that the 2nd hand market will tank then yes, yes it will. Someone needs to stop those filthy scalpers.

  5. are the new stances for the red, white and pink ranger exclusive? if not, i get a chance to get the red and pink ranger without spending $75+ for each

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