1. So the Exclusives are with Hot Topic!!! Barbara from Beetlejuice in her best scare. Tiffany from Bride of Chucky. Glow in the Dark Slimer. I’m more disappointed in the packaging this year. I pre-ordered a case and was bummed when I learned Jaws, Elvira and Wolfman are (1/6) packaging, which means I already have dups. Lesson learned though.

    1. Picked up a case from Hot Topic an to my surprise got all 3 of their exclusives which made me quite happy. You are correct, I did get 2 of Jaws, Elvira and Wolfman, but those were my only duplicates.

  2. I will get the twins & here’s Jacky.
    I would definitely buy the same in full sized Pops, plus I would love some Lost Boys, the Pale Man and the Faun from Pan’s Labyrinth and the very best potential horror Pops … Cabin in the Woods. My personal favourite is Ballerina Dentata but there is the Merman, the zombie family and about 100 others to choose from.

    Speaking of Mr Whedon, the scariest characters ever IMO are the Gentlemen from Buffy episode Hush. There’s der Kinderstod, the Master, Balthasar, Giles as a Fyarl demon and so many others that would look brilliant!!

  3. We need the Tall Man from Phantasm, Maniac Cop, Cropsey from The Burning, and Angela from Sleepaway Camp and My Bloody Valentine

  4. Any chance they will make a Patrick Bateman or Elvira or The Shining characters in the regular sized pops? Would also love to see the David (Lost Boys) from series 2 in a regular pop. All of the other minis are also available in full size. Anyone with a heads up???

  5. love it !! totally see the variant of slimer as a glow in the dark and would love to see the twins in bloody variant
    Back then when series 2 came i made a wish list of possible ones and still missing some good ones that included:
    bloody carrie as variant
    poltergeist clown
    any clown form killer clowns from outer space
    cherry from planet terror (grindhouse)
    damian from the omen
    jason (with no mask, the one with the bag and one eye hole on head, movie 2 i think)
    norman bates
    *jack torrance

  6. Good looking set. I like they added Twisty though I would also like AHS mystery minis. Some I would like to see in series 4:

    Crypt keeper from Tales from the Crypt
    Bride of Frankenstein
    Blade or Jester from Puppet Master
    Isaac from Children of the Corn
    The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth (yeah he isnt a “classic”)

  7. I want to get Freddy, jaws, slimmer, the wolf man, the exorcist, the guy from Beetlejuice, and especially Jason voorhees.

  8. Pretty good wave. Twisty doesnt belong, he is not a horror icon by any stretch. A Clockwork Orange while a great movie is not really horror either, at least not by my definition. I will definitely get Jason, Alex and Bateman

  9. AWESOME!!! My top 3 are slimer the wolf man Jason Voorhees and might I add twisty is cool and all but there is About 20 more people/monsters they can the reason I say that is the name is horror classics I don’t think he is a classic yet and 3 of those is the miner from my bloody Valentine the juggernaut ghost from thirteen ghosts cujo from cujo
    Ps is there gonna be hot topic exclusives

  10. Here’s where the minis are from/which characters they are::

    (top row, left to right)
    Wolfman from The Wolfman
    Patrick Bateman from American Psycho
    Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street series

    (bottom row, top left)
    The Shark from Jaws

    (bottom middle row, left to right)
    The Grady Twins from The Shining
    The Mummy (?)
    Regan from The Exorcist
    Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series

    (bottom row, left to right)
    Slimer from Ghostbusters
    Elvira from Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
    Alex from A Clockwork Orange
    Jack Torrance from The Shining
    Adam Maitland from Beetlejuice

    (bottom, top right)
    Twisty from American Horror Story

  11. Love them!
    But I don’t like they release AGAIN Freddy or Jason ones, when they can choose from a lot of other ones. For example, what about a Rubber Man from AHS to accompany Twisty?

  12. I’m gonna need Wolfman, Bateman, Freddy, Bruce, The Twins, The Mummy, Regan, Jason, Alex, Jack and Adam. Yeah you know what just give me the whole set.

  13. These all look awesome. 😀 And yay, another chance to pick up Jason and Freddy, missed them in the first wave, hopefully I’ll have better luck this time in finding them.

  14. I need The Shining ones and Patrick Bateman. I was going to be done with Mystery Minis, but I can’t resist those.

  15. That’s not Bruce its jack nickleson from the shining….. I love the jaws the Freddy,the Regan & wolfman.. Are any exclusive???

      1. I love Twisty too.
        Now I don’t know what to do. The Pop! was on my list, but I always prefer Mystery Minis design. But if he’s gonna be the only one here… 🤔

      2. Twisty isnt a horror icon and quite frankly doesnt belong in this line. Alex from ACO doesnt belong either but he is far more recognizable to the general public who watch movies not made in the last five years.

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