September’s Smuggler’s Bounty Theme Revealed

Funko has announced the theme for its September Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty bi-monthly subscription box, its going to be the Death Star.

The box features Darth Vader on the front and is the only official Star Wars box, it is priced at $25 plus shipping and it will be filled with a selection of Star Wars and Funko products.


What do you think of September’s theme? Comment below:


  1. Funko, do not even dare on having only one pop. In your last box, I found your lack of POPS disturbing. Also I hope either Death Star gunner, Grand Moff Tarkin, or maybe a dearth Vader with his skeleton showing when he was burnt at ROTJ.

    1. Also maybe a bounty hunter like dengar would kinda fit, but he wasn’t ever on the Death Star. He was on Vaders Super Star Destroyer Executor.

  2. “the box features Darth Vader on the front and is the only official Star Wars box” i thought they were all official or does it mean the smugglers bounty is the only official star wars box?

  3. Also guys, what boxes do you think Smugglers Bounty will have in the future? I could imagine a Bespin or even a Jakku themed one.

    1. I’m sure November or January will have to do with rouge one but I hope we get a goth box or an end it one

  4. I have better hope for this box than Julys. I do like it, but I have a better feeling for this one. I could imagine a Grand Admiral Tarkin as a POP!

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