July’s Smuggler’s Bounty Theme Revealed

Funko has announced the next theme for their Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty subscription box, which is coming in July and the theme is, Jabba’s Palace.  The box has an image of Jabba the Hut and an image of a Rancor, but what will be inside.


What do you think will be included in this box?  Comment below:


  1. If there’s 2 pops like the past two months, then I hope they’ll do Max Rebo and the Rancor keeper. And I hope. I really really hope they don’t do a Lando in disguise or something even stupider like C3PO w/ green Jabba snot on his face. Hopefully we’ll get a two pack like in the MCC last month some time soon.

  2. There are already sooooo many Pops of characters from Jabba’s palace. There’s hardly any lead/iconic characters left to do. I feel like the obvious neato exclusive would be carbonite Han. Maybe Lando.

    But my dream, even though they’d never include 3 Pops in the box, would be Sy Snootles, Max Rebo and Droopy McCool.

    And if they did Rancor Keeper, I’d shart my pants with joy.

  3. Surprise, surprise! Its Lando in disguise!

    My vote is a Lando pop.

    I’d be cool with a Weequay, Yak Face, and a rancor keeper

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