What Pop Vinyls Will Be In the Smuggler’s Bounty Cantina Box?

Funko’s 2nd subscription box service, The Smuggler’s Bounty, launched in November and became  an immediate hit with Star Wars fans.  November and January boxes were themed after the new movie The Force Awakens (First Order for November and Resistance for January) so it was exciting to find out that the March box’s theme was Cantina which is a throwback to the original trilogy.


When we hear Cantina, we all think back to Mos Eisely from Episode IV:  A New Hope. Funko has announced the box will have two Pops and  that they will be brand new molds!  Also, no chase pieces or variant Pops either. But what’s in the box? Are you going mad trying to figure it out? PopVinyls.com today makes their best guesses!



  1. I would love a Labria pop and one of the band… I hope its not 2 band members. I saw the video and they didn’t say its a pair… I hope 2 random

    1. This is an original trilogy box based on everything Funko has told us. Every image, every clue is related to Mos Eisley. Maz’s place was called a castle and not cantina although it did seem to have the feel of a bar. I think I’d be shocked if it was Maz. Although, I do want a Maz Pop down the road.

      1. Actually, various official Star Wars sources have referred to Maz’s castle having a cantina inside. I’m not sure that they’re gonna throw us a curveball here, but it’s something to think about.

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