Closer Look: Gamestop’s Golden Naruto Mystery Mini (UPDATED)

For a while now, Gamestop had advertised that, when you purchased a special Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Golden Edition Bundle for either PS4 or Xbox One, you would receive an exclusive Golden Naruto Mystery Mini, a variant from Funko’s Best of Anime Series 2 line. The game is to be released next Tuesday. However, thanks to one of my GameStop friends, we get an early look at one of the Golden Narutos.


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Now, here is some better news. IF your store has any left after any of the orders for the Golden Bundle are filled, you can purchase these exclusive figures for about $10 each, as of this posting and according to the GameStop computer system. Do not expect these to be sold online, and not every store will have stock leftover to sell.

UPDATE (2/6/16): Word arrived today that GameStop has changed their policy and this Mystery Mini will only be available with the special bundle… at least at time of release. Looks like things have been changed in the computer system to reflect this.

Have you already reserved your Golden Naruto or will you be trying to get him? Let us know.