Thursday Night Highlight – Young Kylo Ren?!


Alright… I’ve been slacking with the column. I admit it. I feel like I’ve abandoned all of you and have deprived the world of my words along with my pictures, but I’m here to give you an exclusive Saturday morning edition of Thursday Night Highlight! If you’re my age…. (I’m not… that old) then you can remember a golden age of Saturday morning cartoons. Waking up knowing you had no school, and that there would be a new Spider-Man, or X-Men… or so many other classics was great! And now I’ve recreated that feeling for anyone waking up now, coming on to and discovering this! So… You’re welcome! I kid though. Thursday Night Highlight is brought to you as always be yours truly…. Eddie from Eddie’s Toy Box (Youtube – Click here) or as some of you who have been around from the beginning @Esbjo_Figs (Instagram – Click here)! It’s a weekly (or it should be anyway) column of my favorite photos of the week with a little bit of insider info on why I made them. That photo up there? It’s a gimmie! And it’s a reminder that tomorrow the Reigning, Defending Super Bowl Champs MY New England Patriots take on the Denver Broncos up in the mountains for the AFC Championship and the chance to go to the Super Bowl this year. Football is a sensitive subject somehow in the Funko community. I haven’t made nearly as many photos as I did last year just for that reason. People get their feathers all in an up roar and they want to attack people like myself for liking a group of champs… but I digress. There’s your unbiased photo showing the seventeenth time Brady will take on Manning and I’m rambling so let’s get on with the photos!

Also, there are some spoilers ahead of here for the Force Awakens. You have been warned. Here’s a review of our main Pop featured in the photos… Kylo Ren!



Photographer: Alright, say cheese!

Kylo Ren: Death Staaaaaaaaaar!

Kylo Ren, Princess Leia, and Han Solo from the new Star Wars The Force Awakens series and part of the Pop! Star Wars line! Alright, so spoilers right? I mean if you haven’t seen the biggest movie of 2016 yet then honestly I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. Maybe for it to come out in the RedBox to see it for a dollar? If that’s the case then maybe you’re not as big of a fan that should be getting upset about spoilers because come on… it’s a dollar I just made you waste! Anyway Kylo Ren is the child of Leia and Han. So for this photo I’ve made it like he wore that mask the entire time of his childhood and eventually ya know… joined the Darkside of the Force as he got older, but all the warning signs were there early on to know which path he was going down. Sure when they’re young it’s all cute, but when they get older and start slaughtering people with their unstable lightsabers you should have seen this coming. So here’s the Solo family photo!


“Whatever! When I get older I’m SOOOOOOOO moving out of this prison and joining the Darkside!”

Kylo Ren as a teenager continues with this photo that I made. I’m sure some of you reading this either have kids, or are currently a kid and you’ve seen, or acted this exact way when something didn’t go the way you wanted to in your house. Well, Kylo Ren has his fits of rage in the Force Awakens and I gotta assume that just isn’t something that happened over night for him. He had to of been freaking out early on when Han wouldn’t take him to the mall on a Friday night, or Leia kept bringing up the fact that she once looked good in a Slave bikini around his friends. Life is tough growing up around Han and Leia. Kudos for noticing the photos on the wall too! Incorporated some of my other Star Wars photos from Instagram for a family section. No Luke’s Allowed.


The Darkside Bombers.

Han and Leia thought maybe it’d be best to get Kylo Ren out there to interact with other kids in a team atmosphere. They could only tell him to use a regular baseball bat so many times, but being a stubborn kid he wouldn’t listen and wanted to use his lightsaber. Well, things didn’t go so well for Kylo on the field and it only further pushed him towards the call of the Dark when the kids would mock him and put him down for costing them the big game. Kids can be so mean. But hey he shouldn’t have been out on that field anyway because he said he didn’t want to play FOUR TIMES!

And that’s all the time I have today! Thank you so much for sticking by me as I teeter back and forth. If you truly look forward to the column and have been missing it then I do apologize as well. If you want to see more of my work or reviews then you can at Instagram @Esbjo_Figs or on Youtube at Eddie’s Toy Box! Don’t be shy! Come and check out all I have to offer! Look for me on the Funko Trading by Facebook Page and as always be kind to one another, have a great day… and Free the Pops! I’m out!