1. I’ve seen the trailer just before the new Avengers and I just can’t wait to see that movie ! They look really cute, so much more detailed than the ones from “Despicable me” , especially the pirate and the king !

  2. These are awesome designs… but WHY do they keep making so many variations of these. I would love to see more Marvel characters. I personally feel like those would sell way more? Make a Falcon, Quicksilver, Maria Hill…

    1. There are hundreds of Marvel pieces…. Marvel isn’t being deprived haha. But in this case, the movie marketers want these pieces made to help promote the movie.

      1. Your answer brings up a question. Do the companies pay Funko to make their line? Or does Funko pay them to get licenses to stuff or a little bit of both depending on the situation?

        1. Funko has licensing rights to pay but I’m sure some are more enticing than others. I’m also sure some companies reach out to Funko.

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