1. Totally adds creedence to the thought that there will be a series 2. Grey hulk, the twins, black widow, maybe nick fury? None of which are on the current box

    1. Grey Hulk is a Hot Topic exclusive, technically called Savage Hulk. But the others are possible, they may be waiting to see the popularity of the characters. I mean dancing groot and howard the duck were made after the release of guardians because of their popularity in the film (even tho they were less than a minute each.) Personally I would prefer a Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in their comic uniforms as opposed to AoU.

  2. Aw yeah! As much as I loved Widow IN Winter Soldier, I wasn’t a particularly big fan of her Pop (particularly her haircut). I’m not a fan of the bobbling Pops, but with Clint AND Natasha out (and having phenomenal designs), I may make an exception…

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