Inside Out Mystery Mini Glam Shot Reveals NEW Disney/ Pixar Character

This weekend at Toy Fair, members of the press were given press kits for both Funko and Vinyl Sugar, in the form of glam shots on flash drives. Among these were a bunch of new glams never seen before, and the reveal of a new character from the upcoming Disney/ Pixar film Inside Out…. a grumpy, coffee drinking, rainbow unicorn.


As of this posting, the name of the character is unknown, and neither is the actor who voices the character. However, I would love to see John Ratzenberger voice it (Ratzenberger is currently attached to the movie but not credited with a part).

Here are the shots where this image came from, courtesy of Funko.

4879_Inside Out REG BB FRONT LINE UP 4879_BB_ 3Quarter Inside Out REG PDQ GLAM

There are also two figures still not known. I wonder who they will be.

What do you think of this new character? Excited about the movie? Let us know.



    1. I actually saw Bing Bong at the TOMY booth over the weekend. I am sure he is the other secret characters, and I do like speculation, but I won’t want to report on him until it is official.

      1. Totally makes sense with me. Just some speculative details that I figured you’d want to know. Cool to here he was over at the TOMY booth, I know Disney was very high on no pictures and such at that booth.

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