1. Amazon has listed a 6″ Nurse Baymax GITD exclusive to amazon only up for pre-order… have you guys heard any news of this pop?

  2. @Tommy: It might follow either the Movie/Disney category. As far as I can see, Dr. Egon Spengler is 106 so it might have followed from there. Or Smarty Weasel (Disney / Roger Rabbit) is also 106.

  3. These figures are nothing short of amazing, every blessed one of them!
    I makes me all the more sad that Disney Infinity did not include all 6 characters as playable figures. Saving the others for later, mayhaps?

  4. Yes I was wondering why these big 6 pops are numbered in the hundreds yet under the pop bubble it doesn’t state a specific category ie. Disney , Animation , movies, etc or is this because it’s not the final product an a glamshot ? because if it’s separate line like wreck it ralph they should be numbered 1-6 right ?

    1. yeah they are part of the Disney line, when something doesn’t have the line underneath the pop logo it is either Disney or star wars so yeah its part of Disney line, if you look at the Disney line it doesn’t have anything under the pop logo either

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