Pre-Order the Dancing Groot Funko Pop Vinyl Now!

You can finally pre-order the amazing Dancing Groot RIGHT NOW! This will sell out so make your pre-order now!  Follow this link:

dancing groot


  1. This is my first pre-order and I am super super excited! Anyone that loves Groot as much as I do, HAS too get this cute baby ^°^

  2. unfortunately it seems like there are no grantees ordering from this website 🙁

    “Prices, items, availability, and ship dates are subject to change without notice. We will not charge your credit card until items are in stock and being prepared for shipment. You will only be charged once for shipping & processing if your order is sent in multiple shipments.”

    I can only hope their website can keep up right now lol.

    1. Are there any guarantees in life? That’s called a legal release. Mistakes happen. However, in 3 years I’ve never had an order cancelled or messed up.

  3. Already preordered, all those who are fans of groot or GOTG should preorder, don’t be suprised when he pre sells out

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