Win a Blue Lantern: The Flash Thanks to our Friends at Fugitive Toys has enjoyed amazing growth in the past year. We’re already average close to 250,000 page views a month. Our Funko Trading by Facebook Group has 3000 members as of today. Wow, 3000 members!

First and foremost though, exists to provide news and information to not only collectors of Funko products but also collectors of Titans, Mezco, Diamond Select Toys, and more. Our goal is to always do that. We have photo databases of almost all Funko Pops!, ReAction, Legacy, and Mystery Minis. We also have a downloadable Monthly Pop! List so you can have a way to check off all the Pops you own.  I personally feel we have the best website around for news on these items.

As a thank you, our friends at Fugitive Toys have donated two of their exclusives to us for two giveaways: regular Blue Lantern: The Flash and Metallic Blue Lantern: The Flash.

Photo Courtesy of NerdFu
Photo Courtesy of NerdFu

Let’s share how you win these Blue Lantern: The Flash Pops!

Giveaway 1: Regular Blue Lantern: The Flash

1) Register for this website at the bottom of the page and leave a comment ON THIS STORY.

2) Be a member of our Funko Trading group on Facebook


That’s it for giveaway 1!


Giveaway 2: Metallic Blue Lantern: The Flash

1) Follow us on Twitter @PopVinyls and send me a message saying “I want to win the Metallic Blue Lantern: The Flash” OR Follow us on Instagram @PopVinylsOfficial

2) In our Funko Trading Group, Post a photo of your collection and say “The Metallic Blue Lantern: The Flash sure would look good in this collection.” Something like that

3) Leave a comment on this story here at saying “Oooh, It’s so shiny!”


The end of this giveaway will be May 16, 2014 at 11:59 PM Eastern time.   Thanks again so much to Fugitive Toys for such a generous giveaway.