If You Ran Funko What Series Would You Want Created?

Almost every day, I hear a collector say “Man, I wish Funko would makes Pops for ________________.”  It just shows the love everyone has for the Funko brand that they want the company to make Pops of EVERYTHING.  We are starting a new feature here at PopVinyls.com where we will run a story based on YOUR ideas.

To participate, decide which new line would you want Funko to make. Then tell us at least 4 pieces that would be in the series. There is no maximum. So if you were in charge,

Answer the Following Questions:

1) What would your Pop! series be based on? Why?
2) Which characters would be included?
3) Anything additional of characters? Attachments? Vehicles?

When you have all this information, send it to  mpvemail
Your entry can be used in a future column!