PopVinyls.com At Dragon Con

  • I ran this story back in September, but with seeing people buying their tickets for the 2014 Dragon Con already, I thought people would like to check it out.Last year’s coverage was primarily for VinylmationKingdom.com. This year, expect a far more encompasassing coverage here at PopVinyls.com–editor


 If you have never heard of Dragon Con, you are missing out on one of the top 3 conventions in the United States. So, What is Dragon Con? Dragon Con is a 4 day event in Atlanta, Georgia that covers science fiction, fantasy and so much more. It began in 1987 and had 1400 visitors. As of 2013, it has grown to over 57,000 guests and pretty much takes over downtown Atlanta. I have been a guest of Dragon Con a few times  but in 2013, my wife and I went together for the first time covering the event for PopVinyls.com and VinylmationKingdom.com. It was easily the best trip we had been on in the past few years. When I first checked out the official website, I was in sci fi/fantasy overload. After a few hours of checking out the panels, we had our top choices. The fan side of me was excited to see every panel I could about Doctor Who and I did. I also had the privilege of meeting two of the Doctors, several companions, and the greatest interview in the history of mankind, John Barrowman. bethanddavison barrowmandoctors1 doctors2 Beyond those life changing events, I also enjoyed seeing panels about Arrow, The Hobbit,  and so much more. Considering that Vinylmation Kingdom is very much a site dedicated to Disney, I also looked for anything Star Wars and Marvel related which were quite plentiful. The part that pleasantly surprised me were all the Dragon Con guests who chose to Cos Play as Disney characters. It became so noticeable that I decided to ask permission of everyone I saw so that I could take photos of them. Let’s take a look at some of those now.

I must say that all the Dragon Con guests were super friendly and very courteous about having their photos taken. Searching out great Disney characters was almost as fun as the panels themselves. In 2014, we plan on dressing up ourselves. We’ll definitely need some help on that accord. Who’s with us? If you have a chance to attend Dragon Con in Atlanta, you owe it to yourself if you love sci fi and fantasy. The 2014 Dragon  Con takes place August 29th-September 1st 2014. You can buy memberships now at HERE