Toy Fair 2014: Mega Bloks

Starting to see the end of the tunnel in regards to Toy Fair coverage. Tonight i share with you some of what I saw at the Mega Bloks booth.

NOTE: Since time is always of the essence with some of these appointments, we focused our tour with the “Boys” section, but passing thru the “Girls” section, the Barbie line looked promising for this year.

American Builders

Mega Bloks is rebranding their Cat and John Deere lines from 2013 and coming out with American Builders. For 2014, they are also adding the Jeep and Police lines.


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Hot Wheels


For 2014, the Hot Wheels line will be featuring Build & Race cars sets, as well as specialty build kits that come with racing figures.

101_2120 101_2121


Spongebob Squarepants


The newest line to join Mega Bloks, the Spongebob Squarepants line came over from Lego. Based off what I saw at Toy Fair, Mega Bloks will do wonders with this line, which was kind of pitiful under Lego;s care.


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Power Rangers

For 2014, Mega bloks has created a smaller price-point for their Megazords, making them more affordable for parents to give their children. Also look out for something new: picture printing on the large base pieces.



101_2136 101_2138

Skylanders Swap Force


Unfortunately, cameras had to be turned off for this segment. A lot of fun stuff coming from this line in 2014, with an emphasis on the characters and their collectibility. Be on the lookout for character multipacks in addition to the regular play sets.

KAPOW! Battling Blok Bots


Take the idea of Rockem’ Sockem’ Robots and combine that with Mega Bloks, and you get these Blok Bots, which are designed to fight until their heads pop off. The little ones are going to have fun with this.


IMG_2968 IMG_2969


Look for a bunch of new sculpts and figures coming in the halo line for 2014, including fan favorites like the NM Police Department and the Attack mantis, which is remote controlled.


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Call of Duty

Premiering in 2013, Call of Duty will expand to include some awesome pieces, including my favorite piece in this collection to date (Astronauts!) and a whole bunch of zombies.


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Assassin’s Creed


Just announced at Toy Fair, Mega Bloks will be bringing the world of Assassin’s Creed to life in 2014.

In other news, it looks like Mattel will be acquiring Mega Brands, parent company to Mega Bloks, in a deal that in its’ final stages of planning. If this goes thru, does this mean we could be seeing Masters of the Universe, Monster High, or even WWE Mega Bloks? Or could we see DC move from Lego to Mega Bloks, given its long standing history with Mattel? Everything remains to be seen, but I personally think this is a good move for Mattel, and a promising future for Mega Bloks.