Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters Pops Are Appearing Soon

One of my favorite movies, Ghostbusters, has now found its way to the Funko Pop Vinyl world! Let’s take a look at the upcoming designs we can buy. Oh, we’ll buy them alright.

Funko-Pop-Vinyl-Ghostbusters-Raymond-Stantz-630x450 Funko-Pop-Vinyl-Ghostbusters-Peter-Venkman-630x450 Funko-Pop-Vinyl-Ghostbusters-Egon-Spengler-630x450Funko-Pop-Vinyl-Ghostbusters-Slimer-630x450



We also got our first look at the Ecto-1 from a photo taken by PopWars Instagram page from Toy Fair.


ecto1And before you get outraged by the lack of Winston, he’s exclusive to the Ecto-1 vehicle. Take a look:


All Ghostbusters Pops should be widely available in May if things stay on schedule.