The ReBirth of

Due to some gross incompetence by our former host, our site was damaged. I tried to install their backup a few times but unfortunately, their ineptitude was greater than I imagined. So sometimes when things go bad, you get frustrated. I completely did. Yet, then after a day or two of weaving a tapestry of curse words that would make the Old Man from A Christmas Story proud, I got over. I decided to rebuild it from the ground up. Instead of doing it in private, I’ll let you watch the process.


During this process you will see that will occasionally expand beyond the world of Funko. Funko is one of my favorite companies and will continue to be our primary focus. However the name PopVinyls will represent all the Pop-ular lines of vinyl toys. As we add staff, we will add product lines we cover. For now, we’ll focus on Funko Pops!, Funko ReAction, and Funko Legacy while occasionally covering Mezco and Titans figures. If you want to see us cover another line, just let us know! Thanks for reading

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