We’re Accepting Nominations for the First Annual PV Awards!

It’s time to let your voice be heard! The first annual Pop Vinyls.com PV Awards will be virtually handed out in January 2015. We need your help though in compiling the most deserving nominees!  Let us know who your favorites are!  All of these awards must be for Pops that were released in the 2014 calendar year. (Basically, you can’t nominate the 01 Batman but you could the Arkham Asylum Batman!) Help us by leaving comments below with your choices of the following categories! ALL NOMINATIONS MUST BE IN BY  January 15th 2015. Only Nominations listed in the comments will be considered EXCEPT for the custom section which has an email below where artists can submit photos for consideration!

Categories for Pops!

Pop of the Year (What you consider the best pop released this year)
New Pop Series (or license) of the Year
6″ Pop of the Year
Combo Pack/ Set of theYear (can be multiple Pops, Pop and a DVD, etc)
Exclusive of the Year
Chase of the Year
Freddy of the Year


Categories for Mystery Minis

*Mystery Minis Series of the Year
*Mystery Mini of the Year


Category for Hikari

*Hikari of the Year


Category for Legacy

*Legacy Figure of the Year


Category for ReAction

*ReAction Figure of the Year


Additional Awards

*Funko Stories of the Year (This could be new product line announced, a controversial decision, SDCC Funko Booth stories, etc)

*Celebrity Interaction of the Year (Photos of Celebrities with Pops. Could be ones they own or a photo you had taken with the celebrity and your pop. We need a link to the photo please)


We also want to acknowledge the great CUSTOM ARTIST that exist in our community. We’re going to accept nominations a bit differently. Artists or owners of a custom piece may submit entries but make sure to choose the right category. There are different types of custom artists and I want all to be recognized. We need links to the custom so we can make sure they are eligible. MUST HAVE BEEN MADE IN 2014! (Funko Employees are Excluded from this category) You can email submissions for the custom artist part to admin@popvinyls.com if you would rather do that than leave a comment.

Custom Artist Awards

*Custom Repaint of the Year (No additional sculpting. Just a new paint job)

*Custom of the Year Using Existing Pops and Additional Sculpting (Using a Pop but adding your own sculpting to make it better)

*Custom DIY of the Year (Using a DIY and major sculpting. NO official Pop pieces allowed)

*Custom Artist of the Year (Choose a custom artist who you think deserves to be Custom Artist of the Year due to their amazing body of work this past year. 3 Customs minimum to be eligible)